We work with many of the different perspectives in healthcare and have an incredibly extensive picture of today’s healthcare landscape. This allows us to provide invaluable risk management and other actuarial consulting services to our clients; all of which we tailor to help them understand and better manage the financial risk associated with their health and welfare plans, including retiree medical benefits. We help clients with plan pricing and design, reserving, financial reporting, claim experience, financial analysis, and regulatory compliance. Please take a moment to browse our detailed services below.

Self-Funded Health Plans

  • Rate renewals
  • Funding and budget projections
  • Reserve setting, including IBNR and premium stabilization reserves
  • Plan and benefit pricing
  • Trend calculations and analysis

Insurance Carrier Consulting

  • Loss-ratio reporting
  • Production of actuarial reports and documents required by state regulators
  • Rate-setting reviews
  • Regulatory rate reviews
  • Recommendations for fully insured rates
  • Assistance with complying with insurance valuation regulations
  • Cash-flow testing
  • Sensitivity testing
  • Representation as an appointed actuary
  • Estimation of claim and policy reserves for statutory, GAAP, and tax purposes
  • Gross premium valuations
  • Statutory actuarial opinions
  • Assistance with completing the actuarial components of financial statements
  • Drafting health insurance policy forms
  • Submissions of policies to state insurance departments

Government Programs

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • State health plans

Retiree Valuations

  • FASB ASC Topic 715 retiree healthcare valuations
  • FASB ASC Topic 965 retiree healthcare valuations
  • GASB 43/45 retiree healthcare valuations
  • GASB 77/78 retiree healthcare valuations

Experience Reporting

  • Reporting of health plan costs, integrated with other budget components as desired, on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or ad hoc basis
  • Monitoring of key healthcare-related benchmarks

Actuarial Services

  • Benefit Pricing — what will the latest regulated benefit cost your organization?
  • Plan Design — for determining if your plan will save your organization money, or to determine a plan design that will
  • Minimum Value Calculations — does your plan meet the ACA requirements?
  • Actuarial Value Calculations — which level is your plan closest to: platinum, gold, silver, or bronze?
  • Actuarial Attestations — for the Medicare Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy
  • Creditable Coverage Determinations — for Medicare Part D qualification
  • Expert Witness — mediation and lawsuit support
  • Actuarial Certifications — for healthcare reform grants and other projects requiring actuarial certification
  • Cost Projections — for projecting cost (and revenue) into the future
  • Self-Funding Analysis — is it right for your organization?